Z Mobile Business Solution

There are 303 million cell phone users in the United States alone, and text messaging is one of the fastest ways to communicate with individuals. In fact, 98% of all texts are read within four minutes of receiving it. Currently, with only 15% market penetration, the timing is perfect to implement a mobile business solution to help grow your business more effectively. Just take a look at a few of the benefits and opportunity available with this product.

Instant Marketing:

  • Auto-drip campaign functionality saves you time
  • Warms up your prospect, providing a more focused follow-up for those interested in what you offer
  • Removes the feeling of pestering (They opt-in to your campaign!)
  • All automated, which saves you time
  • Delivers info with pinpoint accuracy
  • Assured that 98% of all texts will be read
  • Increase show rate at local events

If you've been playing around with print campaigns, emails that aren’t working or other traditional forms of advertising, it's time to take your business to the next level. Print ad coupons have a redemption percentage of less than 1%. Mobile coupons on the other hand average 17-30% redemption! Step into the future of marketing and discover the ultimate business weapon…Z Mobile!

Look What Z Mobile Did For Me!

"I purchased the Z Mobile Marketing Solution for my business. I put out my very first text blast to only 30 customers, and within a few hours I had made over $300 in sales! I love this application!

It paid for itself!" S.V.

"I was not sure how this could help me as an electrical contractor. After sending out my first text blast reminding customers to get extra outdoor weatherproof outlets installed for their holiday landscaping needs, we set appointments for the week that led to over $4,000 in profits! No postcard or flyer or any direct mail campaign I have EVER done has produced these results. Amazing!" R.H.


Testimonials and Case Studies